Thanks very much for your interest in the Director of People role at Friends of the Earth.

Introduction from Craig Bennett, CEO

Over the last 45 years, Friends of the Earth has led many powerful and successful campaigns that have resulted in real change, from doorstep recycling in every town, to the phase out of leaded petrol, protection for our best wildlife sites, the world’s first climate change act, solar panels on more than 600,000 houses, five years without fracking, and much much more besides.

We’ve also joined the dots across the issues to build a bigger picture narrative that helped make concern about the environment part of the mainstream. And we’ve never been shy to tell truth to power.

And yet, the vast majority of environmental trends are still going in the wrong direction.

Too often, our amazing natural world plays second fiddle to short term market fundamentalism, political expediency and a “can’t do” mentality. Too often, the poorest communities are those that suffer most from environmental problems caused predominantly by the richest and most powerful.

Our vision is for a healthy environment that provides a decent life for all generations to come. We’re optimistic and ambitious about how fast we can reach our vision, but we can’t fix everything instantly so we’ve just set a medium term goal to provide focus for everything we do: by 2030, the next generation will enjoy an environment that’s getting better; a safer climate, flourishing nature, healthy air, water and food.

We rely on the work of every one of our people for us to achieve this goal and all of our staff and our volunteers are truly committed to looking after the earth.

That’s where you come in. To maximise our impact, we’re looking for a Director of People with big ideas; someone who knows how to empower our people, to bring out the passion in people and knows how to nurture excellence in people.

You’ll be comfortable working in a changing environment and be constantly looking for new opportunities to make an impact, without taking your eye off existing projects. You’ll also have the passion and ability to bring fresh insight and successfully embed new approaches, working with people right across the organisation.

If you believe you have the qualities and skills we need to be involved in writing the next chapter of the Friends of the Earth story, I would love to hear from you.

Be a part of our journey.

Craig Bennett

CEO, Friends of the Earth