Organisational vision and goals 

Our vision is a healthy environment that provides a decent life for all generations to come. 

We’re optimistic and ambitious about how fast we can reach our vision, but we can’t fix everything instantly. So we’ve set a medium term goal to provide focus for everything we do: 

By 2030, the next generation will enjoy an environment that’s getting better: a safer climate, flourishing nature, healthy air, water and food. 

    Five step changes we will make to reach our goal

    Friends of the Earth has identified five step changes that are required in the organisation to enable delivery of the new strategy:

    • A step change in the long term impact of Friends of the Earth’s campaigns, and the number of people engaging in them
    • A step change in our supporter experience, increasing the long term loyalty, value and impact of our supporter base
    • A step change in how Friends of the Earth champions disruptive innovation externally and internally in support of our organisational goal
    • A step change in how Friends of the Earth inspires, enables and empowers people to come together to take action in support of our goal
    • A step change in the performance, engagement and diversity of people at Friends of the Earth