Reporting to: Chief Executive

Reports: TBD. As part of the Senior Leadership Team you will be involved in an organisational structural review, which will determine structures, teams and line reports, but the post holder should expect to lead a significant number of people.

Salary: £65,000 - £70,000 (including London Weighting £3,570) per annum pro rata. 

Location: London, with some travel within the UK as required.

Requests for home working or to be based in an alternative FOE office location will be considered. 


Purpose of the role

The Director of Campaigning Impact is a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT). The SLT as a group is responsible for leading and inspiring the Friends of the Earth movement towards its vision of a markedly improved environment by 2030, and managing its strategic direction and delivery.

This role will implement all of the identified strategic step changes, but will have lead responsibility and accountability to deliver a step change in the long-term impact of Friends of the Earth’s campaigns, and the number of people engaging in them. 


Closing date: Friday 15th July 

Preliminary Interviews: Tuesday 1st August - Friday 26th August

Panel Interviews: Between Monday 5th September - Thursday 15th September

Role Description

Key responsibilities

  • To ensure that, at any one time, Friends of the Earth is running and winning a diverse package of inspirational and transformational campaigns that put people at the heart of our work.    

  • To engage high volumes of people from a number of priority audiences, delivering long lasting impact in support of our organisational goals.

Campaign development and delivery

  1. Identifying points of leverage which have the potential to catalyse significant change.
  2. Ensure that we are using these campaigns to engage high volumes of people from a number of priority audiences to deliver significant, long lasting impact in support of our organisational goal, and not underwhelming any of our priority audiences.
  3. Ensure Friends of the Earth is shaping and responding to the constantly evolving external context, including the political and media narrative around our broader transformational agenda.
  4. Ensure fast feedback loops for learning and adjustment of strategies and tactics in light of results during delivery of a campaign.  Ensure that initiatives that are delivering results are amplified and those that are not are stopped.
  5. Develop and implement a strategy to maximise the impact of external communication channels closest to campaigns including news, media and content.
  6. Act as a lead spokesperson on media issues that are particularly sensitive or important, and develop key strategic external campaign and communications relationships.  


  1. Ensure that the way we present ourselves externally increases our relevance, clarifies who we are and what we do and how people can be involved, and uses our channels differently to connect to new supporters.
  2. Provide these new supporters with an excellent, inspiring introduction to the organisation as the first step in their supporter journey with Friends of the Earth. 
  3. Increase the overlap between those people that take action with Friends of the Earth and those that support us financially.

Monitoring and Learning

  1. Develop a new understanding of impact in the organisation, and why our successes must be demonstrable and measurable in terms of the tangible and visible improvements we can bring to the environment and people’s lives. These will often be the outcome of winning policy and political change, but not always.
  2. Develop processes and tools to help ensure fast feedback loops for testing, data analysis and learning and adjustment of strategies and tactics during campaign delivery.

Leadership and Management

  1. Ensure that, at any one time, the whole Friends of the Earth family understands and is brought into the strategic rationale and theory of change behind the campaign package, has a clear understanding of future direction, and is part of the endeavour to develop new, engaging and impactful campaigns for the future.
  2. Lead sponsorship of most cross-organisational campaign project teams.
  3. Represent Friends of the Earth externally, building profile and influence.  


  1. Work with the Director of People and others to shape a culture of co-creation, ambitious innovation, risk taking and testing of Friends of the Earth’s campaigns, always striving for greater agility, reach and impact, and ensure our audience segmentation is data driven, fit for purpose, and owned across the organisation.

 Relationship Building

  1. Drive and contribute to the key coalitions who will impact on our agenda to ensure that they are ambitious and effective. 
  2. Proactively create and support strategic alliances with external agencies and networks balancing the needs of Friends of the Earth in the short and long term.
  3. Ensure effective working relationships for Friends of the Earth’s agenda with relevant decision makers, opinion-formers and other key audiences.

+ Leadership Behaviours and Expectations

  1. Be an inspirational and visionary leader for Friends of the Earth, with the drive to inspire us to achieve lasting, measurable impact in support of our mission and five step changes.
  2. Working horizontally with SLT colleagues proposing and leading projects, establishing clear mandates, parameters, project teams and resources, ensuring distribution of responsibility and decision making authority.
  3. Fostering a culture of shared ambition, distributed leadership, effective delivery, collaboration, flexibility, solutions, mutual respect and co-creation.
  4. Leading in identifying and developing effective solutions to internal challenges.
  5. With the CEO, SLT colleagues, and the Boards when appropriate, develop and review Friends of the Earth’s strategic direction, ensuring alignment and integration between objectives, strategies and plans.

Ways of working and engaging

  1. Working horizontally, diagonally and vertically across the organisation to maximise impact, ensuring that staff processes are collaborative, foster innovation and avoid silos.
  2. Building relationships, sharing expertise and perspectives across the wider Friends of the Earth family, local to global, global to local.
  3. Supporting and participating in developing an effective knowledge management culture and systems.
  4. Sharing learning, promoting a culture of open reflection, experimentation and innovation, and supporting the application of tools and processes for these purposes.
  5. Champion digital first transformation up and down the organisation (including participation in key initiatives).

Internal relationships

  1. Build and maintain proactive, supportive and effective communication and relationships with the CEO and Senior Leadership Team colleagues.
  2. Build and maintain positive relationships with, and report to, the Board of Friends of the Earth Trust or Board of Friends of the Earth Limited as appropriate.
  3. Ensure effective communication and coordination between own teams and the Friends of the Earth network.

External Relationships

  1. Engaging with passion, conviction and clarity on behalf of Friends of the Earth

Person Specification

Essential Criteria

  • Significant experience leading the development and delivery of innovative and impactful campaign and communications strategies.
  • Proven experience of devising and delivering successful high-impact campaigns, with solid experience in, or deep and broad knowledge of, environmental issues.
  • Experience in monitoring and evaluating campaign and communication projects.
  • An in depth understanding of UK and international social, political and economic trends, dynamics and processes, or the ability to acquire and use this knowledge quickly.
  • Excellent project and programme management skills, including matrix working and managing/prioritising projects/issues across teams, budget control and evaluation.
  • High-level facilitation skills, able to harness the creativity and diversity of a group of people.
  • Highly skilled in communicating complex technical and scientific issues to a wide variety of audiences.
  • Proven experience in media communications and enthusiasm to proactively develop personal media relationships and opportunities.
  • Excellent advocacy and influencing skills to win hearts and minds to support a cause.
  • A proven strategic, creative and flexible leader, able to identify and implement new ways of working, seize unexpected opportunities, and encourage and develop these skills in others.
  • Demonstrable experience of overseeing the development and implementation of strategic plans and organisational change processes.
  • Demonstrable ability to assimilate and analyse information quickly and accurately,  formulate decisions that are timely and take account of risks and benefits and thereby develop innovative solutions to problems.
  • Strong experience of building and leading cohesive and effective teams and leading them through significant change.
  • Excellent interpersonal, facilitation, negotiation and communication skills; able to motivate and inspire both verbally and in writing.
  • A collaborative approach and understanding of working in a consultative environment. 
  • A demonstrable commitment to improving organisational effectiveness and impact.
  • An understanding of the strategic use of digital together with experience in the use of social media.
  • Demonstrable commitment to the vision and values of Friends of the Earth.
  • Ability to frequently travel in the UK on a planned basis, and to travel outside of the UK occasionally, as well as working outside of office hours occasionally to meet the demands of the role.


  • Extensive hands on experience including working with partner organisations and coalitions, local campaign work, digital activism, crisis response or organising events.
  • Experience of working in a campaigning organisation, understanding the dynamics of rapidly changing policy environments.
  • Experience of Agile project management techniques.